Selecting Your Floor Plan

Floor plan selection is a very personal aspect to the home buying process. SEDA Home Advisors are excellent resources for advisement on the best floor plan to fit your family’s needs, but there are some things that you can think about that will help them advise you.

Consider your current living space:

    1. What are the things you like about and things you don’t like about your current living conditions
    2. What things don’t you have now that you would like to have?
    3. How many children are in your family now? How many are you planning for?
    4. What ages are your children and how will their space need to grow and be accommodated for?
    5. What is your family’s central gathering point? Kitchen? Family Room? What details do you want to include in this area that can enrich your family’s lives?

These are just a few questions to get you started as you analyze your living spaces and routines. Think about your daily activities and what changes can be made in your home that will help the flow of your space.