Your Design Appointment Checklist

  • Before your Home Personalization appointment you will need to take your copy of the floor plan brochure and consider where you want your phone and cable outlets and what wall is best suited for phone or cable outlets. Keep in mind what walls your furniture will be placed on.
  • Take a research trip to other SEDA neighborhoods (Click here to see all SEDA Communities) and look at other SEDA homes for exterior colors. If you find something you like, write down the SEDA home address, and we can pull up that home’s colors. It is important to research other exteriors because a sample color is a very small size, so seeing it on a home will give you a much better idea of what to expect.
  • Bring all your home’s paperwork with you to your Home Personalization appointment.
  • Bring any home items (pillow shams, sofa pillow, etc.) you might like to match interior colors to.
  • You may certainly visit the showroom, accompanied by your Sales Agent, to preview our array of options and selections. We will only view the array of options at this time.  No pricing will be available at the Preview Session.  You will discuss all pricing and home selections with your Design Coordinator at your Personalization Appointment.
  • If possible, make arrangements for childcare. Three hours can be a long time for children to wait and you will need all your attention on the very important decisions that you will be making.