Design Your SEDA Home

After your appointment at our Design Center, the fun continues. Once your home is under construction and your plan review is complete, it is time to start planning out furniture and interior decorations that you will use after you move in.

There are hundreds of interior design magazines, books and resources available for you to choose from. We recommend creating your own home design notebook. Take a 3-ring binder, five (or eight, whichever you prefer) tab dividers, and sheet protectors. Create tabs for Bedrooms, Family/Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen and Bathrooms and put a few sheet protectors behind each tab.

As you begin looking through magazines, making lists, sketching out your ideas, organize them behind the coordinating divider. Home design and decoration is such a creative process that it is critical to keep all your ideas together. You can even purchase photo pages and when you are out and see a room decoration or items you’d like to purchase, you can take a picture and place it in your photo album. It’s just one of many ideas that can get you on your way to decorating your new home’s interior.