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9 Reasons to Build A New Home in Northeast Florida

December 31st, 2018

If you haven’t had a chance to see all of Florida, you might not realize just how diverse the state’s various regions are. Northeast Florida is always a great surprise for first-time visitors who discover how much the Jacksonville area has to offer. If you’re considering relocating to our part of Florida, here are nine reasons to buy or build a new home here.

build a house in NE florida

1. The Mild Climate

Unlike the southern portions of the Florida peninsula, Northeast Florida actually has distinct seasons. And unlike many other parts of the U.S., those seasons are never too extreme in terms of temperature. As Visit Jacksonville puts it, “perfection” is the one word to describe the weather here.

Our temperate climate lets us get outside year-round: The average annual temperature is a comfortable 70 degrees, with the average annual high at 78 and the low at 62. Most of our rain comes in the summer, so from fall through early springs, we enjoy sunny, dry weather. You may need a heavy coat on some winter days, but you’ll never need a closet full of them!

2. Big-City Options and Small-Town Living

Do you prefer the faster pace of a city or is small-town life more your style? You can have either—or be near both—in Northeast Florida. Jacksonville, the most populous city in the southeastern U.S., has a population nearing 900,000 but all of those residents are spread across more than 870 square miles. Add in adjacent counties and cities, and it leaves a lot of room for sparsely populated rural areas, density in suburbs and downtown hubs, and everything in between. It also allows for dozens of very diverse neighborhoods and communities, many of which are almost towns in themselves.

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