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Top Questions To Ask Your New Home Builder

Posted on 29.4.2019

questions to ask a home builder

You can picture your dream home, everything from the design of your kitchen to the perfect master bathroom. But how do you find the local home builder that can turn your vision into reality? With so many new home builders available, it can be tough to narrow down your choices and find the right company that will make your home-building process a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Building a house is a big undertaking and one of the biggest investments people will make in their lives. Asking your local home builder some key questions will ensure that you learn as much about them as you can and get the crucial answers that are important to you and your family. This will give you confidence in making your decision on the right fit for your project.

Get To Know Your Local Home Builder

Taking the time to dig deeper and ask the following questions will help you understand your builder, the processes and steps along the way, decisions you’ll have to make, and what you can expect when your new home is finished.

1. How many years have you been in business as a builder? How many new homes have you built?

True professionals rely on years of experience and perfect their operations with each and every new home build. Stick with a builder who has been specializing in new home construction for a long time. This will give you confidence that they know their way around regulations, inspections, and the processes that only come with the experience from building new homes.

2. Are you licensed and insured?

It is imperative to only work with a builder that is licensed and insured. This protects you as the homeowner in the event that anything should happen during the process. Working with a licensed and insured builder will also give you peace of mind by knowing they have been vetted to meet state requirements and are serious about their quality of work and their business image.

3. What sets you apart from other builders? What are the most important benefits of the homes you build?

This is a perfect opportunity for your builder to “show off.” A true professional will be able to quickly explain why they should be your preferred builder and have benefits to back that up.

4. What type of new home warranty do you offer?

Knowing up front what kind of home warranties a builder offers will greatly help in the long run. This will ensure you know what is covered, how long it is covered for, and what is not covered. Having this information, you can utilize your builder’s industry expertise. More than likely, they can recommend a handyman or repair companies whose numbers you should save in the event something that is not under the builder’s warranty needs to be serviced or repaired.

5. Can you give me references from prior new home customers?

Nothing speaks better to the quality of a builder’s work than other satisfied clients they have worked with. Top quality builders know this and are proud to provide a list of recently completed homes. Quite often, their previous clients are all happy and enthusiastic to share their positive building experience.

6. How many homes will you have under construction and be supervising at any one time?

Good new home builders limit the number of homes they build every year. This makes it possible to ensure superior quality control, access to higher quality tradesmen, faster response times and a more personal experience to their clients.

7. What are the standard features of the homes you build? What kinds of options and upgrades can I select?

Asking this question can give you a really good idea of the features and amenities that the builder utilizes for each of their homes. Also, you’ll get a feel for how much creativity you can run with in truly making this new home yours.

8. During the design stage, will I be able to meet with the designer to discuss my needs and choices?

Being able to meet with the builder’s designer can help you rest easy knowing you have a say in nearly every aspect of the design of your new home. Having the ability to decide on exterior color and material, flooring, cabinets, lighting, and much more, gives you the freedom to have your new home built with your personal touch throughout the home.

9. Who will be overseeing the construction of my home? If I have any questions during the build who should I contact?

You want to make sure you know exactly who to contact in the event a question or problem arises. More importantly, you want to ensure that you will be able to get a quick and sufficient response as needed.

10. When will the final price for my new home be determined and how is that done?

Transparency and understanding is key to a successful new home build. Getting this information up front, knowing when and how the final price will be determined, and clear communication will ensure everyone is on the same page regarding costs throughout the entire process.

11. Will I be given updates during building process? When and how often?

Building a new home can be a very exciting time. As you watch your new home go through the many phases of the home building process, it’s important to know who you can contact should a question or concern arise—as well as how often you should expect an update on the progress of the construction process.

12. How long will my new home build take?

The style and level of customization of your home will influence construction time. This is an important question for many people, as building and moving into a new home requires pre-planning which may include selling a current home, moving from out of state, or finding a temporary home until their new dream home can be built.

13. Is there a homeowner’s association (HOA) in this community? If so, what is the cost of any fees and how do I get a copy of their rules and coverages?

Your new home builder can give you a good idea of what life in your new community will be like and the costs associated with it. Utilize this information to start off on a good foot in the community.

14. What is your inspection process during construction, for the final walk-through, and to address any matters that may need to be corrected or finalized?

Inspections are not only a crucial part of the building process, they are also required by law to help ensure your home is being built sufficiently and to a high level of quality. A good builder will take you through a detailed final walk-through at the end of the construction process to ensure that everything is completed and that it’s an end product you are happy with.

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