Low Maintenance Living in Your New Home

Low Maintenance Living in Your New Home

Posted on 14.5.2019

Tips For Low Maintenance Living

Moving into a new home is a very exciting and enjoyable time. One of the reasons is that new homes are easier to maintain and the need for repairs is low. But, you can utilize some effective strategies and certain materials now to continue that low maintenance living in your home for a long time. This will give you more time to spend enjoying your home with family and friends even after the “newness” of the home has passed.

Low Maintenance Choices For New Home Construction

What many people don’t realize is that if you invest in low maintenance upgrades during the build of your home it will reduce your ongoing operational and home maintenance costs in the long run.

Here are some low maintenance techniques you can use to ensure you are enjoying what matters most in your new home and not worrying about cleaning or maintenance every weekend.

Choose An Open Floor Plan

If you choose an open floor plan for the main living areas as you design your new build home, you will reap a number of benefits. This will decrease the amount of maintenance and increase interaction with family and guests.

It’s nice for someone to be able to be in the kitchen preparing a meal while at the same time interacting with others in adjacent living spaces or watching the children play. Utilizing an open layout allows for easy interaction and flow. It also makes cleaning easy as you are able to move throughout the space freely and dirt and dust isn’t collected in smaller confined spaces.

You can create a living space that is as open as possible and inviting at the same time by using decor and furnishings to make the distinction between each area.

Declutter Your Home

A clutter-free home will bring you not only less anxiety but will also cut down on cleaning time. The fewer random objects and stacks of unnecessary papers you have around, the less dusting and organizing is needed. Take the time to pick up throughout the home and only display items or decor that should truly be displayed.

By investing in more hidden or closed off storage spaces in your new home design, you can make keeping your home clutter-free easier for the whole family.

Opt For Simple Design Elements

Choosing simplified design elements like lighting and cabinets can greatly cut down on cleaning frequency and duration. One example to opt for would be recessed lighting. Recessed spotlights provide an attractive look while also eliminating the need for dusting and frequent cleaning. Using LED bulbs in the recessed lights will also provide a natural-looking light while being much more energy efficient and reducing the frequency of having to change lightbulbs.

Another simple design element to choose for low maintenance living is to make sure the cabinets in the kitchen extend to the ceiling for upper cabinets and to the floor for lower cabinets. This eliminates any nooks and crannies in the space between the cabinet and surfaces that collect dirt and grime and need constant cleaning. Extending the cabinetry will also provide more storage space, and allow you to keep your home clutter free more easily.

Utilize Durable Materials

There is now a large selection of building materials that, by choosing to invest a little more in the beginning, will save money on maintenance and cleaning in the long run. Flooring options like prefabricated bamboo flooring offer a great look with long lasting durability that will stand the test of time and foot traffic.

Another area where you can utilize durable and longer lasting materials is in your outside decking. With today’s options of composite decking materials, you can select a surface material that mimics the natural colors and grain patterns of your favorite wood. The composite material eliminates the need for periodic cleaning and refinishing as is required for traditional wood decks. You also don’t have to worry about it splintering, rotting, molding, or being susceptible to insects like termites.

Choose Easy to Clean Countertop & Flooring Surfaces

When it comes to choosing your materials for things like countertops and flooring, there are many options of materials that are easier to clean and longer lasting. One example is quartz countertops. Natural stone like granite or marble is very porous and, if not properly re-sealed every two years, it will easily soak in stains making them very hard to remove. Quartz is extremely durable, scratch-resistant, will not stain, and is available in dozens of colors and patterns to go with any style.

When it comes to flooring, opting for large tile flooring will provide an easy to clean and great looking surface. The large tiles mean there is less grouting to worry about keeping clean. If you choose a natural stone tile or natural-patterned tile, it will mask any loose dirt in between cleanings and, of course, doesn’t need to be polished like traditional hardwood. You could also opt for laminate plank flooring that gives the same look as hardwood flooring while offering the same ease of cleaning as tile flooring.

Both tile and laminate plank flooring, alongside countertops of quartz or similar, offer scratch, moisture, and stain resistant surfaces in your most high traffic areas.

Easy To Clean Paint Finishes

Utilizing easy to clean paint finishes, especially in high traffic areas, will make cleaning simple and easy. There are options of paint finishes that easily withstand a wipe-down with a damp cloth and are stain or mark resistant.

Also, choosing paint specifically made for more damp areas to utilize in bathrooms and laundry rooms will be mold-resistant and allow for easy cleaning as well.

Low Maintenance Landscaping

Your outdoor areas and landscaping are often the places that require the most maintenance, especially in hardy environments like here in Florida. Instead of having to worry about spending each weekend trimming and maintaining landscaping, opt for low-maintenance choices or upgrades for your new home.

When choosing plants and flowers, look for varieties that are suited to the local soil and climate, will remain more robust, and demand less maintenance and watering. Utilizing ground clover plants in your garden beds, in between these flowers or blooming plants, will reduce the need for weeding. Using pavers or gravel can help define your garden areas, providing a great look while also reducing the amount of grass that has to be mowed.

One of the best ways to have a low-maintenance landscape is to use an energy-efficient and low-maintenance irrigation system. There are now irrigation systems fed by a rainwater tank and automated weather-sensing systems. These automated systems will constantly monitor the local weather data, even when you are away on vacation, and provide the necessary amount of water to your plants, trees, and lawn. Many of these systems are EPA-approved and can save you an average of 8,800 gallons of water a year. That is more money in your pocket, better conditions for the environment, and less time spent maintaining your landscaping.

Your Personalized New Home Design

Opting for some key upgrades or material selections will help you keep low-maintenance living going throughout the life of your home. When you are making selections for your new home construction, think long term. Will spending a little more on a certain material or layout extend the life and enjoyment of your home? Will that material or surface be easy to clean or require no cleaning?

You may visit our 1,900 square foot Home Design Center with your sales agent to preview the full array of interior and exterior options available. Our SEDA New Homes Design Coordinator can help you answer these questions, helping you design a new home that is uniquely yours while still being low-maintenance.