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Ideas to Create Your Outdoor Summer Oasis

Posted on 28.5.2019

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As the temperatures warm up and the sun is shining, having an inviting and relaxing outdoor area of your home can be a welcoming sanctuary to relax, a perfect place to enjoy time with family and entertain friends. You may be surprised to learn that you can create the perfect outdoor oasis without breaking the bank. With a little DIY and some creative home design, you can create a perfect space for outdoor summer cocktail parties to a quiet zen space and everything in between.

Creative Ways To Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Upgrading your outdoor space doesn’t have to take a ton of time or money, whether you have a small space to work with or have a large outdoor area in mind. Let’s take a look at some budget ideas and inspiration to create the perfect outdoor summer oasis to go along with your new home construction.


Creating a new outdoor space doesn’t have to mean spending a bundle on an expensive patio furniture set. Let your creativity run wild by repurposing or resurfacing old furniture pieces that can still coordinate well together. Utilize pops of bright colors when repainting old pieces, like a side table, to add character to your space and make them a focal point.

Another great way to utilize space and add character is to use furniture items that work in multiple ways. Long L-shaped benches offer seating for multiple people and a space you can lay down and lounge on. You can make your own great looking bench seating like this by using used wood pallets and stone blocks. Also, take advantage of furniture items that allow plenty of seating while also having built-in storage to hide away accessories when not in use.


outdoor lightingOutdoor lights are a must-have for your perfect outdoor summer oasis. You want lighting that will create a warm ambient glow at nighttime. Using outdoor string lights can create a great looking area by providing enough light without being too distracting. Wrap a nearby tree with string lighting or run it overhead back and forth from the house to a tree.

Lighting your outdoor space is another area to get creative. Pick up some copper buckets or bowls, drill a hole in the bottom, and use a light kit to create a unique lighting piece to hang in your outdoor space for less than $75. Copper provides an upscale look that coordinates with many different colors and style. For any outdoor lighting, go for the LED or solar option to still give that soft off-white glow while using zero to minimal electricity and reducing the number of times the bulbs will have to be changed.

Decking & Pavers

If you have a deck area off of the back of your house, using a black colored metal railing will fit with any style from modern to traditional and appear to fade away from the space. This will give your garden or outdoor space the ability to be the focal point versus thick traditional deck railing.

Opt for stone leftovers as pavers in your outdoor space to provide a unique look without costing a lot of money. Hardscaping is often the most expensive part of outdoor areas. But, many landscaping stores or nursery supply stores have stone remnants that you can grab for a very low cost. Arrange large flat stone remnants a foot apart to create pathways to bring depth to your space. You can also utilize crushed stone or gravel to fill in areas around garden beds, decking, or pathways. This will reduce the amount of grass or weeds to maintain and provide creative character.


The plants in your garden can be as much of the focal point of your outdoor oasis as you want them to be. You don’t have to go all out with a lot of different colors. Picking a simple color palette using only several varieties of plants can still provide an opportunity to get creative. Divide plants up into several areas to cover more ground and provide an organized and relaxing look. Use several matching shaped containers in various sizes with different planted annuals to provide pops of coordinating colors throughout the space.

Think Vertical

Utilizing vertical furniture pieces, plants, or gardens will give your space a taller and larger feel, even if you’re working with a small outdoor space. It will draw the eyes upward and make the area feel bigger overall. Opt for a high top bar table, even one you can make yourself, off to the side to not only provide a nice place to stand or sit at but elongate the area.

Using plants is the easiest way to accomplish a vertical look in your outdoor oasis. Plants like bamboo, potted in a large decorative pot or in the ground along sides, will grow tall quickly. You can also build a vertical garden from found wood and plant succulents or low growing plants. This will make creative use of space, bring your eyes upward, and provide a great focal piece.


easy outdoor fountainsA fountain or water feature is another essential for creating an outdoor oasis. What many people don’t realize is that your fountain doesn’t have to be an expensive feature you have to splurge on. You can create your own fountain to provide a sense of peace and tranquility in your space.

This is another chance to utilize stone leftovers. One way to do this is to purchase a medium or large concrete vessel or pot that is wider than it is tall. Dig the spot where the fountain will go just enough so that half of the vessel is buried and dry-stack stone leftover pieces around the vessel. Use a solar fountain water pump and you have a professional looking fountain.


Having a firepit is a great way to elevate your outdoor space and provide a great entertaining area. You can make this item a separate nook area off the main space or the centerpiece of the space. Firepits don’t have to be super big or expensive! You can easily make your own unique and budget-friendly firepit to complete your outdoor oasis. Grab rectangular pavers in a color that complements the other features of your space and stack them in a staggered pattern to form an open pit in the middle. Then, line the inside with fire bricks that will withstand the heat. In a few simple steps, you have a beautiful custom firepit.

Integrating An Outdoor Oasis Into Your Home Design

With a little creativity, you can upgrade your outdoor space to a beautiful outdoor summer oasis. No matter the size of the space you are working with, you can bring a relaxing and tranquil feel to your backyard. Creating the space is something you can make easily enjoyable and involve the whole family in.

Our licensed agents will be happy to show you the home design options SEDA has to offer to bring your vision for your outdoor summer oasis to life. Contact us online or stop by one of the model homes in our communities today for more information.