DIY Home Decor Projects for your New Home

DIY Home Decor Projects for your New Home

Posted on 27.6.2019

DIY Decor Projects for your New Home

Decorating a new home and putting your personalized touch on it can be a very exciting time, but the cost of fully decorating a home can get very expensive very quickly. It is natural to want to create a space that you can be proud of, wowing your family, friends, and other visitors.

The great thing is, there are countless DIY decor projects you can make yourself to personalize your home, maximize space, and involve the whole family – all without spending a ton of money. You’ll be proud to show off your work throughout your home and will soon have a space full of great memories and your personal touch.

With some creativity, you can kick your home interior design up a notch and take advantage of the blank canvas of your newly built home with endless possibilities. A lot of the materials needed to make some neat DIY home interior design pieces you probably already have lying around or could pick up very quickly for very little money (or sometimes free!).

Elevate Your Home Interior Design With Homemade Pieces

From homemade shelves out of old pallets to elegant DIY beaded chandeliers, let your creativity run wild throughout your new home. Let’s take a look at some ideas for great projects to start with.

DIY Decorative Chalkboard

Are you tired of losing track of handwritten to-do notes or shopping lists? Looking for a more organized way for everyone to contribute to the grocery list? Turn an area of a wall in the kitchen into a DIY chalkboard. Just pick up a small can of black chalkboard paint and Whitewood board to create a great looking space for shopping lists or notes framed in rustic wooden framing. Check out the full tutorial here. This is great for kids’ rooms also!

Homemade Book Side Table

If you have a set of old encyclopedias or other old books lying around you can turn them into an attractive side table that is quick to make a statement. With a small list of supplies, you can create this great piece in no time. This project works best with books that are all similar in size. To get started:

  • cut wood trim to create a box frame that fits snugly around one book
  • nail the frame to the underside of an old tabletop
  • paint the tabletop in your choice of color (Don’t be afraid to use a pop of bright color!)
  • drill a hole the size of a dowel through the center of each book
  • glue a long dowel to the center of the underside of the tabletop
  • stack the books, lining up holes, and twisting them to create a great visual effect
  • skewer the dowel through the holes to attach the tabletop

Charming Indoor Swing

indoor swingA favorite childhood pastime has always been playing on swings. You don’t have to be a child to bring this playful side into your new home as a fun statement piece. Hanging an indoor swing is now one of the hottest design trends around and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Find a solid ceiling joist in a spot where there’s adequate room to create this design in no time. Follow this step-by-step tutorial from D.C.-based carpentry expert, Alan Chenkin.


Elegant Beaded Chandelier

An entryway is a perfect place to hang an elegant homemade chandelier made using different sized wooden beads. This piece, inspired by a popular look from Pottery Barn, can be made all for under $200. Using layers of cascading wood beads, this chandelier will fit into almost any home style. This project does take some time but the result is definitely worth the effort. Follow this guide to create this fantastic decor piece.

Luxurious Gold Flower Pots

Not much says luxury quite like gold, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to get great looking gold decor in your home. Grab a can of metallic gold spray paint and plastic or clay flower pots in varying sizes. Spray the flower pots with two coats of gold paint, allowing time to dry in between. One great use for these is to plant several varieties of herbs to create your own small herb garden on a window ledge in the kitchen. It doesn’t take much to give your room a touch of gold luxury to make a statement.

Rustic Pallet Floating Display Shelves

wood pallet shelvesDo you have or can get your hands on an old wooden pallet? Pallets can be quickly upcycled into dozens of rustic and crafty furniture and decor pieces. One idea is to use part of an old pallet to create a floating display shelf system, perfect for storing family photos and small glass vases. This is a very easy project that can be done in minutes. Just take a full pallet and remove all of the wooden slats on the top except for the last two on the right and left. What should be remaining is an open box with the support boards running horizontally. Use a stain color of your choice to play off the rest of your decor and maintain a rustic look. Now just mount the open pallet on the wall for a great looking DIY decor item.

Attractive Spill-Proof Placemats

If you have kids, you know it can be tough to have great looking placemats on your table that are also kid-friendly and spill-proof. You can have the best of both worlds in no time and have design-friendly placemats that won’t soak up spills. Select a fabric of your choice and grab clear vinyl sheets, an iron, and pinking shears. This is another example where you shouldn’t be afraid to use pops of color. The process is easy and you’ll have great looking and kid-friendly place settings in no time:

  • cut fabric into 12-by-17 inch rectangles, one for each setting, and iron flat.
  • cut two rectangles of the same size for each mat from a sheet of vinyl
  • iron a piece of vinyl on each side of the placemat
  • trim the edges with pinking shears

Unique Homemade Nightstand

Do you have an old wooden table you’re not sure where to put? Turn it into unique and one of a kind nightstands that perfectly complement your bedroom furniture. This project is an easy project that will yield two great looking pieces. Take your table and cut it in half and adjust the size and height for the space on either side of the bed if needed. Sand both pieces and restain or repaint in your choice of finish. Then, anchor the table to the wall using simple DIY wooden cleats, one for each piece. You’ll have great-looking and useful nightstands in no time all without spending a ton of money. For more info, check out this full instructional guide from HGTV.

Work Your DIY Creativity Into Your New Home

You don’t have to break the bank to decorate your new home in style with pieces sure to make a statement. Using upcycled supplies or materials you may already have lying around, you can create decor pieces yourself to show off in your home. These are just a few ideas to put a personalized touch on your home interior design. Let your creativity run wild and have fun decorating your space.

Let the licensed agents from SEDA New Homes show you the home design options available to give you the perfect space to DIY your decor. Contact us online or stop by one of the model homes in our communities today for more information!