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Home Decorating Trends for 2019

February 28th, 2019

2019 Home Decorating Trends

Whether you’ve just bought a brand-new home or are ready for a fresh look in the home you have now, home decorating can be both fun and challenging. As you’re brainstorming about which home decor ideas to use in your own home, it can be useful to know what’s trending and what some interior designers say has been overdone.

In general, HouseBeautiful.com says, home decorating in 2019 is expected to be very bold, literally quite bright. When thinking about your kitchen, for example, one-color palettes are out, while “colorful curations” are trending. Kitchen designs have been minimalistic and clean in recent years, almost to the point of being clinical. Now, the article suggests you think about open or glass-doored cabinets that feature collected dishware, with vintage rugs splashed on the floor.

Plus, forget about trying to match your metals in the kitchen. Mixing metals is in, with one designer using a polished nickel faucet—then, on the cabinetry, satin brass knobs. It looks “awesome,” and the designer even encourages the use of a third metal finish if you can pull it off and not have your kitchen look “totally haphazard.”

Moving to your living room, House Beautiful says home decorating trends there are also focused on mixing and matching. So, if you’re buying new furniture for a new home, avoid choosing furniture that’s “generic and boring,” looking like a manufacturer’s showroom. Instead, create a room that’s 100% about you. Mix periods, be charming, be chic, and show off your personal style! One designer specifically notes the rise of art deco with its “glamorous materials and patterns.”

Realtor.com, meanwhile, is encouraging people to think pink and to also think floral. First, the hue: All shades of pink are in at the moment,