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Low Maintenance Living in Your New Home

May 14th, 2019

Tips For Low Maintenance Living

Moving into a new home is a very exciting and enjoyable time. One of the reasons is that new homes are easier to maintain and the need for repairs is low. But, you can utilize some effective strategies and certain materials now to continue that low maintenance living in your home for a long time. This will give you more time to spend enjoying your home with family and friends even after the “newness” of the home has passed.

Low Maintenance Choices For New Home Construction

What many people don’t realize is that if you invest in low maintenance upgrades during the build of your home it will reduce your ongoing operational and home maintenance costs in the long run.

Here are some low maintenance techniques you can use to ensure you are enjoying what matters most in your new home and not worrying about cleaning or maintenance every weekend.

Choose An Open Floor Plan

If you choose an open floor plan for the main living areas as you design your new build home, you will reap a number of benefits. This will decrease the amount of maintenance and increase interaction with family and guests.

It’s nice for someone to be able to be in the kitchen preparing a meal while at the same time interacting with others in adjacent living spaces or watching the children play. Utilizing an open layout allows for easy interaction and flow. It also makes cleaning easy as you are able to move throughout the space freely and dirt and dust isn’t collected in smaller confined spaces.

You can create a living space that is as open as possible and inviting at the same time by using decor and furnishings to make the distinction between each area.

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8 Tips For Spring Home Maintenance

March 15th, 2019

Springtime doesn’t only mean warmer weather. It’s also the perfect opportunity to check off a to-do list of home maintenance items. Although your newly built home from SEDA New Homes may not need much attention now, regularly checking your home’s condition can help keep your home in great shape for years to come.

Regular preventative maintenance throughout your home can help you avoid costly and avoidable repairs in the future. A well-maintained home will also increase in value over time and not just monetarily as it becomes a source of pride and happiness for generations.

spring home maintenance

Here are some home maintenance tips you can knock out today, leaving you feeling accomplished and with plenty of time to enjoy the Florida sunshine:

1. Roofing, Gutters, and Downspouts

Start by visually inspecting the roof. Look for any missing or damaged shingles or tiles and replace these as quickly as possible. Also, look for any gaps in the roof flashing.

Also, check all gutters for any leaks and remove accumulated debris. Clear any blockages from downspouts and make sure they are draining away from your home’s foundation.

2. Exterior Siding and Finishes

Examine the exterior for any cracks, gaps, and missing caulking. Re-caulk as necessary with the necessary caulking compound for your exterior. Also, look for trouble spots like water stains that may indicate a leak that needs repair.

Pressure wash your siding to clean any accumulated dirt and prevent mold. Check wood surfaces for weathering, cracks, or paint failure. Sand, fill and repaint as necessary.

3. Foundation

Visually inspect your exterior foundation for any deterioration or large cracks in the concrete. Concrete is a porous material that will expand and contract. So, small hairline cracks are common and can be taken care of by cleaning and sealing the concrete with a concrete sealer.

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